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Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of people struggle with the concept of exactly how a positive money mindset translates into actual cash.

There’s something a little insubstantial, a little ‘woo woo’ about the notion that improving your mindset (where finances are concerned) can actually improve your financial situation.

The whole concept of “Money Mindset” can sound a lot like ‘think positively and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen’….for the money to spontaneously appear as a kind of karmic reward for all your upbeat positivity.

Not the case at all.

So I want to demystify the practical aspect of a positive money mindset, and make it crystal clear that creating abundance in your life requires two things, working in tandem:


  • A positive money mindset
  • A proactive approach to creating abundance


As business owners we spend a lot of time learning the tactics that go into marketing a business, selling a product or service, promoting a brand, and earning money. That generally covers a lot of the ‘proactive approach’ needed. Yet so many people find that, despite knowing all this stuff, and actively working towards earning more money, improving their profits, and growing the business of their dreams, it just isn’t working.

When this happens it usually isn’t because you’re doing anything wrong, or that you’re not working hard enough, it’s simply that you’re taking action, but you’re doing so with a negative money mindset.

Fix your mindset, and suddenly everything starts to flow, and all those things click together and begin to work for you.

Working on your money mindset naturally opens you up to new possibilities, and ways of improving existing work and opportunities. Yet the desire to improve existing results or creating new results necessitates action.

Just as proactive action is of limited use without a positive money mindset, all the positivity and money mantras in the world aren’t going to create the abundance you crave without action.

If you’re looking for a practical way to spin your money mindset and all that positivity into actual cash, I have a step-by-step process to walk you through it, plus a FREE Money Spinner Workbook to kickstart your positive action…

Spin Your Money Mindset Into Cash

Step 1: Be Decisive

Perhaps the greatest way people undermine themselves when it comes to money is being indecisive where making money is concerned.

Many of us believe our ability to earn money or increase the amount of money we make is largely out of our hands. When you’re employed, someone else pays you and determines your rate of pay. When you’re self-employed, your income level is dictated by the number of people who choose to buy from you or work with you, and the amount they are willing to pay you.

Yet you are fully capable of deciding to search for a new job with higher pay, of training or learning a new skill so you can earn a raise, of taking on additional clients, of raising your prices…

All of these things start with a decision, and at a very basic level, creating more abundance in your life is simply a case of deciding that you will earn more money.

Not hoping you will.

Not wishing for a windfall or a miracle.

Not depending on the whims of fate, or the decisions and actions of other people.

But by choosing to actively be the force that creates more wealth in your life.

Step 2: Get Some Clarity

I’ve discussed the importance of clarity surrounding what you want to achieve in your business and the amount of money you intend to earn. It’s very easy to get seduced by the fuzzy notion of ‘more money’, of ‘being wealthy’, of having a business with a magical number attached to it (6 figures, 7 figures, 8 figures etc.), of achieving a life of freedom and abundance.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about any (or all!) of these things, but they are very intangible.

It’s extremely difficult to ‘do the work’ when you don’t know exactly what or how much work is needed before you reach your goal.

You will find you either succeed in creating greater wealth yet never reach your full potential, or you become so daunted by the whole concept that you:

  • Give up,
  • Talk yourself out of wanting it, or
  • Self-sabotage.

When the end goal is intangible it’s very easy to believe you’ve made it, when what you’ve actually done is made progress.

Wealth is relative after all – having more than what you currently have will make you feel wealthier. So if your goal is to ‘get wealthy’ or ‘earn more money’ you can actually feel you’ve hit that goal very quickly.

For a lot of people getting out of debt makes them feel hugely wealthy. Their situation is massively improved, they have more money coming in and fewer bills to pay, leaving them with much more in the way of disposable income.

That creates a wonderful, light feeling of freedom and wealth.

Yet often it is nowhere near the level of wealth they could achieve if they continued to increase their income. As a result they never achieve so many things that are completely within their reach, which would make them incredibly happy and even more fulfilled.

Not because they’re impossible, but simply because they already feel so much better about their finances than they did before, it hasn’t occurred to them to keep going.

They were nonspecific when deciding what they were aiming for. In other words, it’s not enough to decide to earn more, it’s important to decide exactly:

  • How much more you will earn
  • What you will do with that wealth
  • What your life will look like once you achieve it

How much money do you need to earn in order to achieve your goal?

If you have your heart set on a dream house, how much do you need for the down payment? How much will you need in terms of salary to pay the mortgage, the bills, and afford the lifestyle that comes with that house?

If you’re set on reducing the number of hours you work while maintaining your current income (or increasing it), exactly how many hours are we talking?

You need to know the amount you need to earn, and how many working hours you will have to achieve that, if you are ever to formulate a viable model to get you there.

Get really specific.

Step 3: Banish Your Limiting Beliefs

The majority of us are a hot mess of seriously limiting beliefs when it comes to money. At least we are until we address those beliefs and work on overcoming them.

These limiting beliefs about money are instilled in us by our parents, our childhoods, our experiences of the world, and society as a whole.

They’re often unconscious, but they’re incredibly powerful. Or, more accurately, they’re incredibly disempowering.

Tackling your limiting beliefs around money is a massive part of developing a positive money mindset, and it’s an ongoing process. This isn’t something you do once, and then never come back to again. As you start to take action to increase your wealth, and continue to work towards your ultimate goal, you will need to revisit your limiting beliefs on a regular basis.

The funny thing about money beliefs is that some are really tough to shake. You think you’ve totally overcome them and suddenly, there they are once again.

Others evolve, and while you move past the original belief as you start to earn more and create more abundance, your new money situation causes you to develop a related (though slightly different) limiting belief.

And the more money you earn, the more you push your boundaries and upper limits, the more you will encounter new limits to break through, awareness of other false beliefs and new blocks to overcome.

Step 4: Walk Your Wealth

In business we’re often encouraged to ‘walk our talk’ – it’s the secret, we are told, to creating an authentic and powerful brand, to connecting with our audience and attracting our ideal clients.

Whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re offering to do for people, it’s important we demonstrate that we walk our talk through our own actions, attitudes, and the public face of our business.

In a similar way it’s important to ‘walk your wealth’.

Act like you have already achieved the level of wealth and abundance you want from life. That is not to say you should spend outside your means, but rather that when you make decisions (both business and personal), make them from the perspective of where you want to be, not where you are right now.

Before you take any action, consider if it’s the action of the person you’re trying to become (and the level of wealth they have), or if it’s the reaction of the person you currently are (and your existing level of wealth).

By deciding what work you accept based on where you want to be and the work you want to do, rather than the current situation and what you think you need to do, you can effectively uplevel your business.

You can earn more money, and create the kind of business, with the kind of clients, and the income and working hours you want.

But to get there, you need to walk your wealth – make business decisions as if you are already where you want to be. Even if it terrifies you!

Step 5: What Does Having Money Mean?

When it comes to taking action in life, for any reason, the real key is motivation.

Whether you’re trying to stick to a diet, learn a new skill, complete a project, or master a new hobby, you’re not going to get far if you don’t have something spurring you on.

We often spend a lot of time considering what it means to lack money, to not have enough for the bills you need to pay, the holidays you want to take, the stuff you’d like to buy, even the business development plans you may have. Even when we have plenty of money, our mindset often lingers on how much better things would be if we just had more.

And yet we seldom take the time to think about what it means to have money, both in terms of your current level of income, and what you hope to achieve.

If your goal is, for example, to buy a new house, or car, or take a luxury holiday, you’ve probably spent some time imagining that house, picking out the trim of your dream car, and daydreaming about that holiday.

These are the tangible things you can buy with more money.

But what does having money mean to you?

If you’re struggling with this, think back to a time in your life when you had considerably less money than you do now – maybe when you were in University, or right at the start of your working life, or even your childhood when your family didn’t have much to spare. Compare it to your current situation and you’ll likely find a lot of meaning in your current level of income, even if it’s not a level you’re particularly happy with.

For a lot of people, the answers boil down to time. Earning more usually allows people to work less, either because they don’t have to do such punishing hours just to cover their basics, or because they can afford to pay other people to do things they’d rather not do (like cleaning, gardening, DIY, and many of the plethora of tasks that come with running a business like bookkeeping).

More money means more time for family and friends, exploring hobbies, meeting new people, and being in love. Yes, there is ‘stuff’ that comes with having more money but you’re likely to find the emotional motivators are a lot more powerful.

That big new house means safety, security, and space for you and your family. The new car you have your eye on may also mean safety and security while driving, but it can equally mean carving out a little bit of freedom, a little bit of rebellion for yourself, a way of making the daily commute or kids’ ‘taxi service’ an adventure rather than a chore. And that luxury holiday? It means getting some rest, relaxing, focusing on you and the people with you, and making your own wellness a priority.

Step 6: Put Profit First

Before you take any action to create more money, the final piece of the mindset puzzle is ensuring you’re putting profit first when it comes to the practical side of your money-making efforts. If you haven’t already, check out my beginner’s guide to the Profit First approach.

Step 7: Search Your Sofas

Now we’re finally ready to start taking that all-important action and the very first step is searching your metaphorical sofas for all the loose change that’s slipped down there over the years.

This may seem like a random, possible even slightly desperate way of turning your mindset into money, but it’s really about easing you in. Giving you a quick win. This is a simple action you can take that will usually produce immediate and tangible results, giving you a boost in confidence and affirming that yes, you really can do this if you act.

You don’t have to literally look in your sofa. Instead, hunt down any money you’ve been leaving on the table. Things like uncashed cheques, unpaid invoices you’ve not followed up, clients who have defaulted and you let it slide because it was too much trouble to chase them.

Follow up on the leads who seemed really interested but then never got back to you – you’d be surprised how often you can land a lot of new business simply by sending a short email out to any cold prospects. Something short and sweet, like:

“Hi, Just checking in to see how you’re doing with XXX. If you have any questions or need any more help, please let me know!’

Two sentences and it frequently reminds people that they meant to hire you, or buy from you, or that they have that problem they really should sort out. The next thing you know, they’ve replied and BOOM! New clients.

You didn’t magic them up from nowhere, these are people who have already found you through your marketing and networking efforts, who were really interested but didn’t quite convert. A lot of the time, they represent money that’s simply waiting for you to claim it with one final (and very simple!) push.

Another big way to claim money that’s already yours is to sort out the technical side of sites that owe you royalties or affiliate fees.

For example, I know a few people who sell books on Amazon and, if you’re a non-US resident there’s a relatively complicated process you need to go through in order for them to release your full royalty payments. It’s not difficult, but it’s tedious and does require you to spend a good hour or so dealing with admin. As a result, people put it off.

But until you do it, Amazon sit on a big chunk of your royalties, and a lot of people just let it slide, or genuinely aren’t aware they’re missing out at all. When they finally get around to sorting it out (often years later!) they suddenly get a payout for thousands of dollars.

So before you go looking for new money to earn, make sure you’ve claimed all the money you’ve already earned!

Step 8: Leverage Your Assets

In another article I talk about the incredible power of a signature service as a business asset, and how you can create one. Creating a new and powerful asset for your business is a great way to get active in transforming that positive new money mindset into cash.

If you’ve been in business any length of time you will already have assets, even if you don’t realise it.

So how can you leverage them?

Do you have any content you can package up and (with a bit of work and editing) publish as a book to sell?

Have you developed any unique methods or systems that you could teach other people to use, or develop into a new App or SaaS (system as a service)?

Brainstorm ideas and get really creative.

Step 9: Raise Your Prices

Arguably the best way a positive money mindset can help you create more money is by allowing you to develop the self-worth and confidence in your abilities needed to put your prices up.

The more experience you gain, the more you are worth, so generally speaking a regular price increase every few years (if not every year) is a good idea for any business.

This is a complex topic, with a lot of things to consider, so check out my other posts on pricing for positive perceptions of your business, as well as tier pricing, and don’t forget to consider the lifetime value of your clients.

To help you out even more I’ve put together a FREE Money Spinner Workbook to help you really pin down exactly what actions you can take to transform that positive money mindset into cash. Download it now and start spinning yourself some gold…