Is your business truly profitable?

Do you even know how to tell???  (the P&L is not the answer!)

If this is your face right now ☝️

I’ve got just the thing for you!

If you are…

  • Stuck in a feast and famine cash flow cycle?

  • Unclear on your most and least profitable services/offers?

  • Pricing set for profit… or just break even?

  • Setting personal salary or business sales goals but not sure how to price to achieve them?

  • Putting countless hours into the business and not seeing growth or return?

You need the Profitability Assessment!

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Laura Elkaslassy Money Mentor

The Profitability Assessment & Strategy Session is designed for service-based business owners seeking help with:

  • understanding where your business is at financially
  • knowing how to price your business offers to generate profit and growth in your business
  • reviewing profitability of offers/services
  • reviewing your true hourly rate
  • reverse engineering business sales goals and profitability from your annual income and personal salary goals
  • determining your profit margins
  • learning how to price strategically
  • knowing how much to spend on marketing and hiring without losing profitability

This consulting package includes:

  • Pre-session initial review of business financials
  • Zoom Consultation 1 (1 hour) – Where You Are Now
    • A deep dive assessment of current financials
    • A review of current services and offers
    • Outline business issues
    • Development of business financial goals
  • Business Financial analysis and commence Action Plan Development prior to session 2
  • Zoom Consultation 2 (1 hour)
    • Final Assessment discussed and recommendations presented
    • Action plan created to achieve financial goals in set time frame
    • Next steps outlined

Laura is amazingly insightful, direct, and full of solutions! I had no idea working with someone on my business could be enjoyable and productive so quickly. I can’t wait for more!

– Elisha Halpin