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Accelerating business revenue, cash profit in the bank and personal growth for purpose-led entrepreneurs.

The Wealth Accelerator Mastermind gives you exclusive access to strategic money and business coaching to build your business, your profitability, and your freedom.

Join the intimate collective of like minded entrepreneurs for this 12 month mastermind, guaranteed to deliver accelerated business growth, wealth and freedom on your terms.


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Brooke Hunt Money Coach Australia

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to create passive income, but you find yourself stuck trading time for money?

  • You’re fully booked, but still not creating the impact you desire?

  • You really crave a business that you love, but have started to resent the hustling lifestyle you are living?

  • You’ve spent your whole business life following the “rules”, yet the satisfaction is not there?

  • You struggle to see what else is possible within your business?

  • You’re just plain over it!

You’re definitely not alone!

We understand the deep desire to be striving for more, yet know the time you can waste trying to find the right space can be exhausting.

Standing strong in your own lane, continually having to have all the answers and knowing how to create a profitable business isn’t for the faint hearted.

Deciphering which business strategy you should execute to accelerate your revenue, profit and growth isn’t easy.

And, you’ve probably tried SO many things already…

  • Trying to keep up with all the gurus (but it’s draining all your time!)

  • Buying all the resources and programs that promise you multi-5 figure months (but never deliver)

  • Following every new strategy you stumble across trying to find something that works (without sticking to one plan and seeing it through to get results)

  • Creating complicated sales funnels #becausethatswhateveryonesdoing (that are still half built, confusing to use, and just not your zone of genius)

But trying #allthethings just wont work – no matter how much money and hours you throw at it!

And it sure isn’t the key to smashing your business and wealth goals out of the park.

What you need is…

  • Access to a variety of tested frameworks (that work!)

  • A supportive environment to craft and master your zone of genius.
  • Proven growth strategies.

  • Expert facilitators to guide you every step of the way.
  • High-touch communication and accountability to keep you on track.

With all of this you can achieve increased revenue and profit, visible expansion in your business, as well as deep personal growth.