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I recently spoke with legal advisor and self-advocacy coach Shalini Nandan-Singh about the critical foundations small business owners and start-ups often overlook. Money and Legals. These are big and often scary topics but they are crucial to long-term business success.

Shalini and I believe you need to have your business finances and protective legals in place from the beginning of your business. Why? So that you can clearly and confidently advocate for your own business as you move through the start-up phase and grow your business. So that you can streamline your business success.

We want to encourage you to make sure that your business can stay joyful and enjoyable, long after the excitement of start-up is over.

Forgetting these critical foundations for business success at the outset can quickly turn your dream business into a nightmare without warning.

It’s important to protect yourself, your business, and your customers, to ensure you can continue to do the work you love to do.

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I would love to hear from you, at what point in your business did you sort out your business finances and legals?

Do you find they have increased your confidence as a business owner?

Let me know in the comments.