Confidently you stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, armed with your wealth of talent and your vision for success. But another aspect has unknowingly jumped onboard with you….

Your relationship with money. 

And this can cause all types of havoc.

The energy that surrounds how we feel and interact with money subconsciously affects everything we do. Including how we manage our business, and ultimately its success.

But when we are able to view our decisions and actions through the lens of our The Sacred Money Archetypes®, we are no longer left in the dark. Everything becomes crystal clear.

Discover the archetypal energy that is playing havoc with your money habits.

Archetypes surround us all of the time. These recurring patterns of energy each have their own individual traits that signify which archetype is present at this stage of your life.

The 8 Sacred Money Archetypes represent the 8 different energies that are guiding the financial arena of your life (for both the good AND the bad).

The Sacred Money Archetypes are responsible for how you feel and interact with money. Your business management, (and ultimately your business success) have unknowingly been governed by these forces.

But when you have the tools to view your decisions and actions through the lens of your The Sacred Money Archetypes®, you are no longer left at the mercy of these energies. You will know how to work with them, not against them, to create the financial expansion you desire.

Do you…

  • Find that it is never enough?
  • Always give, give, give. Often to your detriment?
  • Are you constantly chasing more?
  • Have a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget?
  • Tell yourself, ‘I am no good with money.’
  • Struggle with the unfair balance of wealth in the world?
  • Justify giving your services away for free, because of the connection you have made?
  • Jump from one income generating idea to the next?
  • Gather up every coupon, code and discount you can find?

If you answered YES to just ONE of these, then you need to meet your Sacred Money Archetype(s).