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Brooke’s online course is one of the best online programs I have ever attended. Brooke is a very skilled teacher and knows how to support her students in releasing many of their money fears and belief systems. I highly recommend working with Brooke; she is an absolute delight.

Doris Mounsey
Michelle Duke

I just adore hanging out with Brooke, one on one sessions and group work with Brooke are soul nurturing on every level. Her vision of assisting women to unlock their financial potential is felt in everything she does. Such important medicine for the world. Thank you Brooke for being of service.

Michelle Duke
chenae carey facebook marketing coach

I really enjoy the variety of content and practices in Brooke’s Mastermind. I like that we do work at both the 3D and 5D levels, and I hit my income goal for the month with 10 days still remaining! Meeting twice a week really helps keep me focused and I’m loving the group of women I am doing this with too!

Chenae Carey

I recently had a session with Brooke and my gosh, it was amazing! So much deeper and intense than I thought I would go and I needed a good couple of days of space afterwards to integrate but it just felt so good!

Jemma Becker
Recently I had a full financial session with Brooke and it was glorious. Very skilfully and beautifully she guided me through a process where I could release a negative self belief that was held in my subconscious and transformed that. Brooke is very caring and professional in what she does.
Barb Kitto, Human Design Practitioner

I would highly recommend working with Brooke if you like me want to let go of fear and those limiting beliefs. I found the process very easy & enlightening and was left with a feeling of happiness. Thank you again Brooke very much.

Cathy McRae Oliver

Brooke is a beautiful facilitator and makes it super easy to understand the concepts and then implement practically into our lives. Could not recommend her enough! Thank you Brooke

Caroline Power
Lauren Blundell

I really loved Brooke’s Money Mastermind. So many gold nuggets to take away and implement straight away in your business and life. I loved that we learn both the energy and practical side of money. So valuable.

Lauren Blundell, Relationship Coach

“WOW” I just completed Brooke’s program. I feel lighter and brighter! Ready to kick my EGO to the curb! I have created a strong and confident women. Thanks Brooke Hunt. Really enjoyed our time.

Lisa Broun

I had a lovely session with Brooke. It was great to be able dive deep to find some deep seated blocks. She was so spot on with her insight and releasing the blocks was easy and painless. I would highly recommend working with Brooke, she was an absolute delight. Thanks Brooke loved it!

Sandy Hanrahan

I had a session with Brooke last week and she helped me identify a deep core wound that tied a few threads together in my life. Hearing it out loud and feeling it land in my body was such a big leap forward for my growth. Brooke’s vibe is supportive and gentle and I very much enjoyed the experience and her guidance.

Melissa Turnock

The course content and the way she teaches, is just full of energy. She will open your eyes to things that your didn’t think you were capable of doing and you will grow as a person everyday without even realising the change is happening within, it’s that powerful. If you want change in your life then I strongly recommend you follow your heart and work with Brooke. You will become a different person.

Denise Vomiero